Saturday, 25 March 2017

Colossal letterpress print

Late last year I was working on project that required me to do some research into vintage graphic design. I spent many days looking at posters, match boxes, stamps, packaging, and book covers (which I especially enjoyed!). This is where the inspiration for this print, it's colours and theme came from - adventures and tales of mystical creatures from the sea.

It features a colossal squid as well as 5 colossal colours! If you know anything about letterpress you'll appreciate that getting this many colours to register, on a manually operated antique printing press, is an adventure in itself.

I hope you love it and can appreciate the effort, time, and love that went into this one.
Its available from my ETSY store.

I have another colossal idea I'm currently working on as an extension from this print.
Look out for my next post to find out what it is.


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