Thursday, 17 October 2013

Letterpress Christmas cards for 2013

I started working on our latest range of Christmas cards and gift tags back in mid-July, so I am totally thrilled to be able to finally share our latest additions with you.

This year our festive range of cards are available in packs of six for $20AUD. That's a saving of $13.00AUD. We hope this goes a fair way into helping with the huge expense that this time of year means for all of us, and helps to encourage hand written words between friends and family at this crazy time of year.

As always these designs where printed in our workshop, on our tiny printing press. It's just so totally awesome what this little machine can achieve! You don’t need to have a huge cast iron letterpress, or tones of space. There are ways around the restrictions, as long as you have a love and passion for your work.

Inspiration  for these designs came from my surrounding environment - Each day as my son and I walk to school we pass a bush of what looks like Mistletoe to me, with thorny leaves. This was to become the Christmas Wonderland card. I used the leaves of this bush in the photographs below. (If you know the name of this plant can you please leave me a comment with it's name?)

I also knew that I wanted to do a card featuring our native Christmas Bells  and it was around this time that my sister happened to hand down to me her childhood collection of stamps. Here I found many vintage Australian stamps featuring our native flora and fauna. Such beautiful stamps. I couldnt believe that The Christmas Bells stamp from 1967 was part of her collection! :)

Six pack Christmas cards $20.00AUD from The Little Paper House Press.

Australian Christmas Bells six pack of cards $20.00AUD.

Australian Christmas Bells gift tag. Avaliable individually or in packs of six.

Christmas Wonderland six pack of cards $20.00AUD.

Australian Christmas Bush card $5.50AUD or six pack for $20.00AUD

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