Sunday, 15 July 2012

Artistic Nostalgia


Back in 1984 a travelling sale's man knocked on my father's factory door with a number of framed oil painting's he was selling door-to-door. My dad liked this one. He purchased it for about $60AUD, and with that we had our first, and only oil painting.

Over the years it hung in our house and moved from house to house, from one side of Australia to the other, until someone got sick of the same old picture and packed it away. For the past few years it lived in a cupboard, under the stairs of my parents home until mum decided to throw it out and I rescued it.

I don't know very much about the artist; I. Cafieri, or whether a person by that name actually exists! But I do know that this painting was mass produced in Asia by local artists employed to produce the same painting over and over again. It's probably worthless but I love it - mostly because it's full of nostalgia.

I'm happy to say that now, this worthless painting, that very few seem to like, lives with me,  next to the owls above the fire place and reminds me of my childhood home :)

This post was amened on 16/07/2012 to reflect a more accurate account.

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