Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Letterpress cards for love, rain, hail or shine.

Valentine’s Day is one of those funny calendar events... you either participate or you don't.
I've never really been one to send Valentine’s Day cards or flowers. I guess it's because I've never wanted to feel as though I've played a part in a huge marketing campaign to turn yet another calendar event into a money making commercial circus. It can get annoying that everywhere you turn there are posters and point of sale material urging us to buy, buy buy!

As a greeting card designer I was left in a funny place... where did I stand in all this?
Was I a part of this circus?
So I went back in time, in the hope of getting some perspective...
(I apologise for the history lesson in advance)

Well... the greeting card industry, like the music industry, is built on humans proclaiming that wonderful emotion called LOVE! In fact, according to the Greeting Card and Postcard Museum, Valentines where popular as far back as the Middle Ages when lovers sang their hearts desires, (eek that could go dreadfully wrong!).

Thankfully printed Valentine cards gained popularity by 1400's. The oldest known greeting card in existence is a Valentine card and is held by the British Museum, in London. Historically Valentines weren’t only sent on Valentine’s Day, but any day, every day, rain, hail or shine!

Our range of Cards for Love are an ode to the wonderful tradition of ‘singing your hearts desires’ and letting the ones you love know that they are loved. They are for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and lovers, whether sent on Valentine’s Day or not.

The masters of letterpress, The Artisan Letterpress in Byron Bay, printed these for us on a platen printing press and are available now exclusively at Dragstar, Newtown or via our online store.

You Are My Sunshine, 84mm x130mm. Letterpress card in one ink.
You're the Bee's Knees, 84mm x130mm. Letterpress card in one ink.

Shower Me With Love, 100mm x100mm. Letterpress card in two inks.

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