Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hip Hip Horray!

It was my birthday today,
and it was a very happy one indeed :)

An inaluxe print was on my wish list for ages! and today I received my very first print, framed and ready to hang. When you purchase an inaluxe print you also receive an inaluxe greeting card which my sister used as my birthday card, which I loved just as much as my print.

I have two sisters and the picture of the red thongs on the sand was from my younger sister, a northern beaches girl - it’s such a reflection of her personality, which is what I love about receiving cards. I also love the fact that my little sister has supported local Narrabeen photographer Anita Waters by purchasing this card.

Thank you for all my wonderful birthday cards with loving messages
I'm very blessed indeed :)

Left: inaluxe greeting card. Right: Anita Waters greeting card.

My inaluxe print, The Chrysler Building New York - Giclee art print.

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