Monday, 20 February 2012

Greeting cards for kids

Back 2004 I was working for an Australian publisher of consumer magazines and dreaming of better days. I was doodling as I often do when I'm off day dreaming and I drew this little girl...

She was the face of another little business venture for a while, before being locked up in a box for a couple of years.

In 2007 I was clearing out these boxes when she came back into my life, and hence became our very first card. Her popularity lead me to draw six more portraits, that now form our  Illustrated Kids Range of cards.

Pink Balloon has undergone some colour changes since her humble beginnings but she is still the most popular card in our range, followed closely by Little Man, and My Parasol.

Pink Balloon, 84x130mm (folded) by The Little Paper House Press. $4.95AUD

These cards have been professionally off-set printed for the first time on cream recycled, chlorine free and environmentally conscious stock.

Pink Balloon, as well as all our other cards will eventually go through another change when we letterpress print our entire range, but for now they have settled into a 4 colour CMYK colour process as printed by Lion Heart in Sydney Australia and available exclusively at Shorties in Sydney, Blackbird Corner in Newcastle, Little Ray Workshop in South Australia or via our online store.
Enjoy :)

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  1. Greeting card for kid is very impressive and you have a good working talent, I impressed with your work and I like it so very much. Thanks for sharing.


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