Monday, 27 February 2012

Instyle, Sydney 2012 finds

I went along to Kids/Life Instyle Sydney, a product trade show late last week where the latest and greatest are showcased. These are some of the people and things I saw...

I've been a long term fan of Brown & Sticky fabric greeting cards, so it was a great pleasure to meet Michael and have a chat about his work and see his new range of vintage postcard inspired cards.

Brown & Sticky handmade fabric greeting card.

A Happy Death was new to Instyle this year. They had one of the smaller stands, but their selection of artistic greeting cards made a huge impression. I picked up one of their beautiful letterpress business cards too.

Lilly Piri card, by A Happy Death.

Telegram Paper Goods and Elm Paper where doing a roaring trade! as was Earth Greetings with an Inalux Owl design wrapping paper.

Rifle Paper Co print, supplied by Telegram Paper Goods.

I also loved Brainbow's work, some very cool kids shoes by Livie & Luca, & Milk & Soda, from Melbourne! Such lovely girls with really great handmade products!

TV screen test necklace by Brainbow
Milk & Soda Stand,Instyle. Pix by Milk&Soda

Livie & Luca Kids shoes.

But the biggest and greatest was Greg Power, from Things By Bean, for taking the time to talk extensively to us about his greetings cards, exhibiting at the show, stockists in Melbourne and a bunch of other things excluding baking and chocolate.

Like most playgrounds, its hard to find people willing to share, so thank you Greg, You Rock!

We are considering exhibiting at the Melbourne show in August, if they will have us!
Stay tuned :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

Greeting cards for kids

Back 2004 I was working for an Australian publisher of consumer magazines and dreaming of better days. I was doodling as I often do when I'm off day dreaming and I drew this little girl...

She was the face of another little business venture for a while, before being locked up in a box for a couple of years.

In 2007 I was clearing out these boxes when she came back into my life, and hence became our very first card. Her popularity lead me to draw six more portraits, that now form our  Illustrated Kids Range of cards.

Pink Balloon has undergone some colour changes since her humble beginnings but she is still the most popular card in our range, followed closely by Little Man, and My Parasol.

Pink Balloon, 84x130mm (folded) by The Little Paper House Press. $4.95AUD

These cards have been professionally off-set printed for the first time on cream recycled, chlorine free and environmentally conscious stock.

Pink Balloon, as well as all our other cards will eventually go through another change when we letterpress print our entire range, but for now they have settled into a 4 colour CMYK colour process as printed by Lion Heart in Sydney Australia and available exclusively at Shorties in Sydney, Blackbird Corner in Newcastle, Little Ray Workshop in South Australia or via our online store.
Enjoy :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hungry for sassy flanno's!

Loving this flanno letterpress card from the uber talented Hungry Workshop duo.
Picture Copyright The Hungry Workshop.

Sassy Lass Flanno Card, by The Hungry Workshop.
105x148.5mm, printed on Stephen Scrambled White 330gsm, 100% carbon neutral stock

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Letterpress cards for love, rain, hail or shine.

Valentine’s Day is one of those funny calendar events... you either participate or you don't.
I've never really been one to send Valentine’s Day cards or flowers. I guess it's because I've never wanted to feel as though I've played a part in a huge marketing campaign to turn yet another calendar event into a money making commercial circus. It can get annoying that everywhere you turn there are posters and point of sale material urging us to buy, buy buy!

As a greeting card designer I was left in a funny place... where did I stand in all this?
Was I a part of this circus?
So I went back in time, in the hope of getting some perspective...
(I apologise for the history lesson in advance)

Well... the greeting card industry, like the music industry, is built on humans proclaiming that wonderful emotion called LOVE! In fact, according to the Greeting Card and Postcard Museum, Valentines where popular as far back as the Middle Ages when lovers sang their hearts desires, (eek that could go dreadfully wrong!).

Thankfully printed Valentine cards gained popularity by 1400's. The oldest known greeting card in existence is a Valentine card and is held by the British Museum, in London. Historically Valentines weren’t only sent on Valentine’s Day, but any day, every day, rain, hail or shine!

Our range of Cards for Love are an ode to the wonderful tradition of ‘singing your hearts desires’ and letting the ones you love know that they are loved. They are for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and lovers, whether sent on Valentine’s Day or not.

The masters of letterpress, The Artisan Letterpress in Byron Bay, printed these for us on a platen printing press and are available now exclusively at Dragstar, Newtown or via our online store.

You Are My Sunshine, 84mm x130mm. Letterpress card in one ink.
You're the Bee's Knees, 84mm x130mm. Letterpress card in one ink.

Shower Me With Love, 100mm x100mm. Letterpress card in two inks.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hip Hip Horray!

It was my birthday today,
and it was a very happy one indeed :)

An inaluxe print was on my wish list for ages! and today I received my very first print, framed and ready to hang. When you purchase an inaluxe print you also receive an inaluxe greeting card which my sister used as my birthday card, which I loved just as much as my print.

I have two sisters and the picture of the red thongs on the sand was from my younger sister, a northern beaches girl - it’s such a reflection of her personality, which is what I love about receiving cards. I also love the fact that my little sister has supported local Narrabeen photographer Anita Waters by purchasing this card.

Thank you for all my wonderful birthday cards with loving messages
I'm very blessed indeed :)

Left: inaluxe greeting card. Right: Anita Waters greeting card.

My inaluxe print, The Chrysler Building New York - Giclee art print.

Colossal Clean Up

This is my imaginary book cover for a kids comic book titled Colossal Clean Up - How one squid rid the sea of plastic waste. Right that...