Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Good News Week

My planets must be aligned; I have such good news to report.
Firstly, our website just sneaked into 2011 and finally opened!
Hooray! Such joy! Thought it would never happen and then BAM! Just like that here it is!

Also, this week we were very happy to process an order from Little Ray Workshop, in Beachport South Australia. Little Ray Workshop is the first independant retailer to embrace our product and stock our cards, so it’s a huge thanks to Rachel.

And last of all, this week I headed down to The Cancer Council NSW and set up shop over the lunch hour. It was a huge success. Our Christmas range of letterpress cards and gift tags are now virtually all sold out and we were also able to make a nice donation to The Cancer Council from our sales. Double happiness :))

These are huge mile stones for our little business, and they would not have been reached without the support and encouragement from family and friends. They are the first ones to buy my stuff, and motivate me when the clouds are grey, and for that I sincerely love you, and thank you - you have given me all I could ever want for Christmas.

More good news soon I hope :) home page. Dec 2011
Little Ray Workshop, Tunic tops, pinafores & skirts made by milk monster
Little Ray Workshop, Beachport SA. Pics: Little Ray Workshop.

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