Sunday, 27 November 2011

Letterpress workshop with Lawrence Finn

Last Friday I went along to a letterpress workshop run by Lawrence Finn.

Lawrence is a printer and artist based in Sydney. The National Gallery ofAustralia, the State Gallery of NSW as well as a few private collectors are lucky enough to have some of his beautiful work. I was lucky enough to have his company, as well as his Asbern’s, time for a day.

We focused mostly on printing with photopolymer plates, as that was what I needed help with but we also did a bit of wood type printing on my Adana. Lawrence was kind enough to have a good look at my Adana, and give me some cost saving printing tips. He also threw in a few bits of lead, some tympan paper and a stack of supplier contacts.

Lawrence is such an interesting person that it was hard to stop talking to him about all sorts of things, especially over the delish lunch that his wife kindly put together.

I came away feeling extremely happy and thrilled to have my first letterpress print run under my arm. When I got home I took Lawrence’s advice and I framed the first print, so that in future I can look back at it and see how far I have come. :)


  1. How exciting Paula, it's all happening. Well done.

  2. It really is so exciting! Thanks Sash :)


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