Sunday, 6 November 2011

I've got the blues

I brought the biggest, sweetest and freshest blueberries at The SydneyProduce Markets in Flemington yesterday. Grown by Mountain Blue Orchids, in the Northern NSW, a family owned and operated farm since 1975. The farm hand picks all their blueberries employing local farm hands to ensure consistency in quality. They also cultivate blueberry varieties for nurseries and local gardeners and grow up to a million blueberry plants a year. Mountain Blue Orchids also claims to be a leader in blueberry breeding programs and is actively involved in the development of the many blueberry varieties grown all over the world today.

I love blueberries. Sur Bourke Espresso Bar, in East Sydney has the best blueberry and ricotta muffins (which I indulged in yesterday), Donna Hay also has a delicious blueberry cake that I have eaten but have yet to make! But I couldn’t find anyone making a blueberry letterpress greeting card! I'll have to correct this atrocity - STAY TUNED! :)

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