Friday, 26 August 2011

Saling the old fashioned way

Typeset by hand. Antique letterpress printing on recycled paper.

I picked up this card from the Ampersand Cafe and Bookstore last night.
It’s a letterpress card of a sailor in one colour by Saturn Press.
The printing isn’t perfectly even, and the impression isn’t very deep, but I find it just beautiful. I have kept it with me all day, and even though I think it would make a beautiful father’s day card for my dad, I can’t bear to part with it... sorry dad.
After some research on the internet I found out that Saturn Press started out in 1986 during a time when virtually every American printer was discarding or melting down old letterpress machines. Against everyone’s well-intentioned advice, Jane Goodrich (designer) and James van Pernis (printer) went against the tide and set up shop in Maine producing letterpress products. The most interesting thing about their work is, that still today, they only use traditional practices and skills to crate their products – “no Photoshop, computers or internet plastic surgery” in this workshop!
In keeping with this philosophy, Saturn Press doesn’t have a web site but you can check out all their beautiful cards  here.
Together Jane and James (with the help of one other person to help process orders) print and design a million cards per year! Truly inspiring to people like me who are only just starting out..
I knew there was something special about this card and I wonder if this is why I have kept this card with me all day...

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