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Lithography is an old method of printing, dating back to 1796. Not as old as letterpress but still ancient in my books. Lithography uses polished lime stone to print rather than wood/metal blocks as in letterpress. Like most printing techniques, each colour requires its own "plate" from which the image is transferred onto a paper. These stone plates differ from letterpress, in that they have a flat surface therefore allowing for longer and much more detailed print runs. It reminds me of etching in that it relies on a chemical process to allow the inks to adhere to positive and negative surfaces of the stone but its a not the same thing by any means...

Edition Copenhagen is an amazing lithograph workshop & gallery using this ancient printing method to show case the work of many leading artists such as Yoshitomo Nara, one of my favourites!
Its one artist to three lithographers in this workshop baby!
(the Edition Copenhagen website with the 3D effect is pretty cool too :)

Untitled, 2010 by Barry McGee, Todd James and Amaze
Original lithograph 100 x 70 cm

Below are a series of prints done at Edition Copenhagen
by Tom Hingston and show the process of Lithography.

An inked stone with a print.

An inked stone on the press

Print and stone

The end result!

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