Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Little Paper House Press has Biz Cards!

Its a pretty exciting day when you receive your first batch of business cards, as we found out this week when we received ours from The Hungry Workshop .

Our cards have been letterpress printed on premium grade, 100% recycled cotton stock (no trees, hooray), one colour, with a cheeky die cut on the top left hand corner.

We are so pleased the outcome.

Thank you The Hungry Workshop for your fantastic craftsmanship:)
ps: (Check out the cards they designed and printed for Mei Yen Chua. LOVE 'EM! )


  1. Love them, congratulations!!!

  2. Wahoo, it's all happening. They look great, love the cut off corner.

  3. woohoo alright!
    thank you guys


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