Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Card Society comes to an end

In the autumn of 2005 Maria Alexandra Vettese opened a shared studio based in Portland, Maine called port2portpress. The Card Society is port2portspress's only letterpress project and it is coming to an end!

What is the card society?
Its a fantastic letterpress printed card-of-the-month club!
Every month members receive two one-of-a-kind limited edition blank cards in the post. They are unique, never to be re-printed, or sold anywhere ever again! Pretty special!

After June 30th 2011 The Card Society will no longer except any new members and will close in Dec 2011. Members will receive there very own unique, letterpress printed cards up until Dec 2011.
Get all the details on the website.

Love your letterpress work port2port. Hope we see you in another form sooner or later :)

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